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The Best Hardwood Flooring Company in Denton, Texas

Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros is a skilled floor covering company for both residential and commercial, we are located at 75065 Denton a city in Texas within the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area – proudly servicing the residents of the city as well as the DFW areas. We possessed one of the biggest showrooms in the area, we also carry all major and prominent brands. Most of the orders could be ready for delivery as soon as the following working day, as we have over 500,000 sq. ft. of stocks. We serve every end-user including homeowners, contractors, as well management companies.

We have Engineered, Solid, Bamboo, Floating, Parquet, and Laminate Flooring. We stock also Adhesives and Underlayments, Moldings, Medallions, and Borders. Our major goal is to provide you with the proof and information you need in making the best possible decision for your hardwood flooring project. Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros have more than a decade of experience in the business; and we have the largest variation of hardwood flooring collections in Denton, TX.

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Our Hardwood Flooring Services

Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros has served the city and its surrounding area for over a decade now. In that period, we have engaged in numerous projects as well as gained a treasure of knowledge and experience. We have proven and established our reputation while providing a hand to build the homes in our community!

At Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros, we work hard to deliver you the top-quality flooring in the market these days with incomparable rates and superior customer service. Don’t trust discount outlets for your home’s future value and worth; they might give you a stock of material that has been sitting for a long time absorbing the moisture that weakening its quality.

Whether your home’s current wood floors need to be refinished, or your whole house requires durable and elegant new hardwood flooring, Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros provides affordability and reliability in every project we are involved in. Contact Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros, your local hardwood, and engineered flooring expert!

Hardwood Flooring Service in Denton TX and nearby areas

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Whether you are in search of a modern or traditional style for your flooring project, at Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros you will find an infinite quantity of colors and styles of hardwood flooring you could choose from for either of your living or commercial spaces.

The first step in selecting your hardwood floor is deciding on the stain finish color that would best suit and compliment your project. You could pick between a natural and a stained finish that merges with the room and the building’s existing design.

Modifications to different flooring surfaces, like a carpet and tile, will have an effect on your overall interior design aesthetics so it is important to have a decent idea of the general flooring plan before you start your project.

A light-colored wood finish will certainly brighten up a room, whereas a dark-colored finish will add depth and warmth to your interior atmosphere. In a bigger home though it might be possible to mix multiple colors in different areas of the home if the styles are distributed appropriately throughout the building.

Our Commitment to Our Customers is Our Main Priority

Reliable, Affordable, and Efficient - Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros

Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros will help you to understand the methodologies of perfect hardwood flooring together with the right method. No matter how you want the look of your home, rest assured that we can help you attain it in no time. Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros gives you a comprehensive solution of hardwood floors that suit your budget in a plan, design, shading, and style that you could imagine.

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Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros gives you a whole collection of hardwood floors where you could choose from to fit your budget from color, style, and others that you desire. The truly best hardwood flooring company that has a network and connections around the world, which means you could get what you need and want for your hardwood flooring project.

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Upgrading to hardwood flooring eventually guarantees that your home will significantly increase its value. At Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros, our capable experts will directly discuss with you to help you pick the best suitable flooring classification for your approaching hardwood flooring installation.

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Keep your floors look fabulous, without dents and scratches with our spectacular sanding method that removes issues from your hardwood flooring swiftly. Refinishing a hardwood floor without expert help could result in vast damage and possible harm to the wood. Our method removes untidy, airborne dust and dirt that comes for the most part due to sanding.

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At all times it is best to call an expert professional to perform the restoration process for your broken hard wooden floorings. They essentially do the wood sanding measure that includes eliminating a thin layer of the wood. As a result, it brings back the original condition of the wood floor. A sealant is used to keep the wood floor protected. If these processes are done properly, you only need to do polishing subsequently.



Engineered hardwood could be used for its variety of styles for your home. There are a few finishes that you could select from and all of these are obtainable in semi-sparkle, matte, and stern shine. Regardless of which portion in your home you might want to set up these engineered hardwood floor materials, you could be certain and confident that its result will be stunning, gorgeous, and durable.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank, normally referred to as LVP, is a waterproof type of flooring. It is also safe for your kids and domestic animals. It is made using several layers which make it ideal for greatly used and busy areas. It is attainable in various designs, styles, and colors that will definitely match almost any kind of area in your home.

Top Quality Services Is Our Main Concern

As the industry’s leading hardwood flooring company, we make sure that we continuously provide nothing but excellence and top-quality hardwood flooring service to all of our clients!

We are proud to be the best hardwood flooring company in Denton TX and we are confident that could legitimately answer and respond to each of your interests and queries. We in Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros will provide you the best materials and services that you undeniably deserve. We deliver designed hardwood and laminate flooring installations for any size of houses or business offices in Denton TX and the nearby areas. To begin with, we will help and guide you in choosing the hardwood flooring that is most appropriate for your home. There are loads of designed hardwood flooring options for you to select from.

We will pick a date to install your modified engineered hardwood flooring and it will be completed in less than a day. As we do all the preparations and arrangements ourselves, there’s a small part that should be done as our client as well. Your part is to sit back and hang tight for your incredible new hardwood flooring that is about to get done that will surely complement your glamorous home.

Be certain to hire a professional hardwood flooring Installation Company that is capable of installing any sort of floor. You have to assure that the company you are going to employ is competent enough to deliver your needs and wants. Perhaps you desire a specific plan or style on the floor or you have a difficult space, it is rational that you just won’t pick anything that is not essentially what you actually need. You should be definite that before the day ends, you will be pleased and satisfied with the outcome. The top-level hardwood flooring company will unquestionably enhance the look and feel of your home.

Whether you are remodeling or constructing a new house, hardwood floors could be an exquisite addition to your home. There’s something about hardwood flooring that could make your home more alluring to your visitors, your family, and most expected to yourself in many different means. Depending on the kind of wood and/or finish you choose for your hardwood floors, you could directly make your home feel more cozy, rustic, and elegant. Further to elegance, hardwood floors also provide a wide array of benefits.

If you are looking or in search of great hardwood floors for your home in Denton, Texas, and nearby places no need to search further as Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros are here to help you. We are the best hardwood flooring company in the city, we have been installing and refinishing hardwood floorings for over a decade now. The services we deliver are of exceptional quality that will give you complete satisfaction. Call us now for more details on our services and our latest promotions!

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We Treat Every Project The Same Way

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new house, hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to your home. There’s something about hardwood flooring that can make your home more appealing to you, your family, and your guests in several different ways. Depending on the type of wood and/or finish you choose for your hardwood floors, you can instantly make your home feel more rustic, cozy, or elegant. In addition to stylishness, hardwood floors provide a wide array of benefits.

If you’re searching for great hardwood floors for your home in Denton, Texas, you’re in the right place because Denton Hardwood Flooring Pros are here to help you. We are a top of the line hardwood flooring company in the area. We have been installing and refinishing hardwood floorings in Denton for the past 2 decades now. The service we give is of excellent quality that will give you total satisfaction.



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